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Assessing pain and strength deficiencies, analyzing movement patterns, applying techniques to immediately alleviate pain while improving the function of a human being and optimizing day to day performance with what is important to the client is what physical therapy should be. Whether it be an athlete, 77 year old skier, or the average individual looking to lose weight and avoid pain.

Commonly what is seen and experienced in PT is why so many people choose not to do it…3-4 people per therapist at the same time, generic programming, lack of creativity based on a client’s individual needs…this is why many people say that PT just “didn’t work for me”.

What separates Executive PT from the rest is our process for progressing people into strength training. We have found this is THE critical piece for crafting a long term solution for clients and their physical issues.

We don’t spend our time and focus on using light neoprene dumbbells, bodyweight only exercise, or theraband activities. The magic is in the progression of loading the body with strength training.

We use barbells, cable systems, plate weights, and a host of other conventional strength training equipment in conjunction with our other techniques such as dry needling, blood flow restriction, scraping and kinesiotaping to firmly anchor changes within the body.

It can be intimidating to some people (and most physical therapy practices avoid it like the plague), but it is our core belief that this is where physical therapy has traditionally failed clients. Many simply do not scale up resistance training enough over time, therefore, limiting the client without even realizing it.

As simple as it sounds, this is the most complicated and valuable part! It is dose dependent on the client, structures involved, length of time the client has dealt with the problem, and a host of other variables.

This is why physical therapy MUST be custom to the client and MUST scale the client up appropriately.

We offer our physical therapy services in Franklin, Tennessee on Cool Springs Boulevard at 100 Cool Springs Boulevard.

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