About Personal Training

This is quite possibly where we at Executive PT have the most fun. The blend of physical therapy into personal training is the epitome of why clients choose to use our services.

The body was designed to undergo loading, and by that we mean strength training. The list of benefits that happen within the body as result of quality strength work are innumerable…even down to the biochemistry of our blood.

This, however, MUST be dosed appropriately to the client AND address any underlying biomechanics (improper movement patterns that if left unaddressed result long term problems). If this is not addressed, tissue failure (injury) is imminent.

Properly addressed, however, training is an incredible tool to create long term pain relief in conjunction with therapy techniques.

And when we say training, we progress people past the typical theraband and neoprene dumbbell exercises. The body tends to respond incredibly well to progression of load over time.

And that is our specialty at Executive PT.

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