About Blood Flow Restriction

One of the most emerging trends in cutting edge rehabilitation and strength training is blood flow restriction. The therapist takes a blood flow restriction cuff, similar to a blood pressure cuff, and uses a doppler ultrasound to find the client’s occlusion pressure, or the pressure at which blood flow shuts off to the limb.

An appropriate percentage of blood flow is then restricted by pumping up the cuffs, and the client undergoes a series of exercises.

One of the main benefits of blood flow restriction is the ability to significantly LOWER the amount of resistance needed to achieve the same level of work from a targeted muscle. In essence you achieve results very similar to high intensity resistance training. This is especially important for conditions like tendonitis, tendinopathy, partial rotator cuff tears, post operatively or with non operative conditions for partial or non weight bearing precautions.

The benefits are not limited to the ability to exercise alone. Research has shown us that there is the activation of myogenic stem cells and the release of hormones such as Growth Hormone and Insulin Growth Factor. This allows the body to have an intense flow of blood to a desired area and an increased healing reaction even hours after exercising.

This bio hack is at the top of the list of our go to techniques at Executive PT, especially when paired with Dry Needling.

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