About Dry Needling

Needling has been around for centuries, but it has recently emerged as one of the most cutting edge tools for immediately affecting a client’s pain and restoring normal movement.

It has become a way to hack the body’s nervous system into reducing the sensation of pain in order to begin safely building muscles, tendons, and even now internal structures of joints such as the meniscus and joint capsule.

Part of how needling works is by intentionally creating micro injuries in damaged tissue to create controlled localized inflammation response. This restarts the healing process and is similar to pressing a “re-do” button.

Dry needling can produce an IMMEDIATE effect on range of motion and pain. This alone is worth its weight in gold.

Needling is not a stand alone treatment and we often pair needling with other treatments including but not limited to blood flow restriction, scraping, percussion/manual therapy, joint mobilization, and ultimately therapeutic exercise and training.

At Executive PT, we fully utilize dry needling to provide our clients with decreased pain and increased function in order to begin the process of rehabilitating the area of interest.

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